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Upgrade your training with the Strongman kit ‚Äď the ultimate powerful equipment for anyone looking to maximize their performance and safety during heavy lifts. This exclusive kit includes four specifically designed products to provide you with superior support and stability: Neoprene Belt, Neoprene Shorts, Elbow Sleeves, 5-7 mm, and Knee Sleeves, 7 mm.

Neoprene Belt - Size Guide
Start with our neoprene belt, specially made in 7 mm high-quality neoprene. This belt works great both as an under-belt and alone, equipped with plastic stays in the back for extra support and reinforced Velcro straps for a secure fit. Created to improve your posture, increase stability, and keep muscles warm during training.

Neoprene Shorts - Size Guide
Our Neoprene Shorts are designed to protect and support your lower body. Made of 2.5 mm thick neoprene, these shorts provide warmth and compression for your hips, groin, and upper legs, while aiding in faster recovery and reducing the risk of injuries.

Elbow Sleeves, 5-7 mm - Size Guide
Give your elbows the protection and support they deserve with our Elbow Sleeves. These are made from 5-7 mm thick, high-quality neoprene. With 5 mm thickness on the inside towards the elbow crease for maximum mobility and 7 mm on the outside towards the elbow for optimal warmth and support, these elbow supports are designed to reduce swelling and promote muscle recovery. They are perfect for Strongman and provide a balance of compression and flexibility to enhance your performance.

Knee Sleeves, 7 mm - Size Guide
Our Knee Sleeves are essential for every lifter and are made from 7 mm thick, premium neoprene. They are designed to provide maximum support, compression, and stability, with a length of 30 cm for superior coverage and anti-slip rubber on the inside to keep the sleeves in place. These knee supports are ideal for Strongman disciplines, helping to reduce swelling during intense sessions which promotes faster recovery and protects against injuries.

Kit Benefits:
  • Combined purchasing power saves you money compared to individual purchases.
  • Products that complement each other for optimal performance in Strongman.
  • Quality-tested products with long-lasting durability and warranty.
With the Strongman kit, you get everything you need to lift safely and effectively. Each component in this kit has undergone rigorous quality control to ensure they meet the requirements of both amateurs and professionals within Strongman. Equip yourself with the Strongman Kit and notice the difference in your training today!

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