Neoprene Shorts

Welcome to our category for Neoprene Shorts, designed to optimize your performance and prevent injuries. These shorts are made to provide warmth and compression to hips, groin, upper legs and lower back, and are extensively used by both Strongman athletes and gym enthusiasts.

What sets our Neoprene Shorts apart from others on the market is their unique design for power sports and gym training. Additionally, they provide a spring-like effect in exercises such as deadlifts and squats, which enhances your performance.

We, along with professional athletes, have developed these shorts with care and expertise, therefore, we can proudly say that these shorts offer superior quality!

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What are neoprene shorts?

Neoprene shorts are designed to give you warmth and help prevent injuries, strains and inflammation in the groin, hips, upper legs and lumbar spine. They also provide compression to your upper legs, hips, groin and gluteal muscles to improve your athletic performance and help you recover.

When to use neoprene shorts?

Our neoprene shorts are very popular among strongmen where they are used in most branches to prevent injuries, but also to help with that little extra. In recent times, they have also gained a place in regular gym training, as it has been noticed that the shorts work excellently to use during their leg workouts, but also work excellently for heavy deadlifts. In other words, you can use them during most exercises, which involve the hips, upper legs and / or lumbar spine.

The benefits of using neoprene shorts

As we mentioned earlier, our shorts' biggest advantage is that they help prevent injuries. In addition to this, there are also some mechanical advantages to our shorts. Namely, they will improve your performance in many exercises, including deadlifts and squats, because the shorts give a spring-like effect when you are at the bottom of squats or at the start of deadlifts!

The story behind our neoprene shorts

We started developing a pair of neoprene shorts in 2021 after that Marcus "Buktryck" Yngevesson (Sweden's Strongest Man 2021) gave us the brilliant idea, as he was not really happy with the various neoprene shorts he had tested on the market. In the past, most neoprene shorts have been developed for specific cycling or various water sports. We therefore wanted to produce a pair of ultimate shorts for strength sports and gym training. We started by contacting our factory, which among other things manufactures our popular knee sleeves, to brainstorm, materials, function and design. After many different samples of shorts and a lot of testing from our athletes, we got a pair of neoprene shorts, which we were extremely happy with. We then chose to mass produce these shorts, and we are extremely pleased with the result.