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Welcome to our category page for smelling salts, also known as ammonia inhalants - a world of powerful and invigorating products. We offer smelling salts from various brands and in different strengths, tailored for both beginners and experienced users.

Smelling salts have long been used to improve athletes' performance and mental focus. If you need a mental boost before the gym workout or the ice hockey match, smelling salts can provide that little extra.

We offer Europe's largest selection of smelling salts, with products from internationally known brands such as Obsidian Ammonia and Smells Like PR, as well as our own brand manufactured in Sweden, which ensures quality and safety.

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What is smelling salt?

Our powerful and invigorating smelling salts are manufactured by various companies. We ourselves manufacture the popular Luktsalt V.1 in Sweden, Obsidian Ammonia is manufactured in Canada and Smells Like PR in Lithuania. The main ingredients consist of a mixture of two chemicals, sodium carbonate and ammonium chloride. When you then add water to your container and shake, the two chemicals form ammonia (NH3) gas.

Smelling salt is often used as a form of stimulant in athletic competitions such as. weightlifting, strongman and ice hockey to "wake up" the athletes so that they perform better. It has recently become popular to use even outside competitions, e.g. at different types of gym training.

Smelling salt has previously been used by boxers when they have become confused or beaten unconscious to restore consciousness and / or increase mental alertness. 2005 appreciated Michael Strahan, former. Professional American football player, that, 70-80% of NFL players used it as a stimulant. The use of smelling salt was recommended to the public during World War II. British Red Cross and St. John Ambulance recommended all workplaces have it in their first aid kits. Even further back in time, it has been used for people who felt tired or faint. Smelling salt is widely used in Victorian Britain to wake women who have fainted, and in some areas police would carry a container of it for this purpose. During this time, it was usually dissolved with perfume in vinegar or alcohol and soaked in a sponge, which was then carried by the person in a decorative container.

What makes smelling salt?

Smelling salt releases ammonia (NH3) gas, which triggers an inhalation reflex (that is, makes the muscles that control breathing work faster) by irritating the mucous membranes of the nose and lungs. This allows you to be more focused, alert and able to perform better.

When to use smelling salt?

You can use our smelling salt in many different situations. When you use it during weight training, you can e.g. use it before your heaviest lift, e.g. if you are looking to take a new personal best in deadlift. Smell it, feel the effect and then lift immediately. In other forms of training, such as ice hockey, you can smell it just before you go out on the field to get that extra invigorating effect.

Are there any risks with using smelling salt?

As smelling salt produces only a small amount of ammonia gas, no adverse health problems have been reported. If a high concentration of ammonia is inhaled too close to the nostril, it can burn in the nose or in the oral mucosa.

The use of smelling salt to wake people injured during sports is not recommended, as it may inhibit or delay a proper and thorough neurological assessment by healthcare professionals, e.g. after concussion where hospitalization may be necessary. The irritating nature of ammonia can cause reflexes in the body, which in turn can possibly aggravate back injuries. It is therefore now banned in most boxing competitions.

Use ammonia at the gym

Ammonia is a chemical substance that produces a strong odor when it comes into contact with air. It is usually packaged in a small container and held under the nose to provide an extra boost of energy.

It is common to use ammonia at the gym to give yourself extra energy during a heavy workout, or to increase focus and concentration before an important lift. Some people use ammonia at the gym as a form of mental and psychological trick to increase their willingness to perform. By inhaling the strong odor, one can get a sense of being awake and alert, which can boost motivation to perform.

Buy ammonia in Europe

We have Europe's largest selection of ammonia. Buying ammonia should be both cheap and convenient, which is why you can buy it here on our website with delivery from Sweden, but also in-store from one of our retailers.

We have our own production of ammonia in Sweden and our ammonia has safety data sheets, making them legal to sell in Europe.