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Deadlift socks

We at Nordic Training Gear manufacture a pair of deadlift socks that are extra high and have non-slip protection under the foot.

Further down this page, you can read more in depth about what a pair of deadlift socks is.

More information

What are deadlift socks?

Deadlift socks are exactly what it sounds like, a pair of socks that are designed for deadlift. Our deadlift socks are extra high to protect your shin against lacerations that can often otherwise occur during deadlifts when the bar is pulled against the shin. We have also chosen to make anti-slip protection under our socks to give you extra good grip against the floor. This is especially appreciated by people who do sumo deadlifts as you have your legs very wide apart and if the feet would then slide outwards there is a risk that you get the bar / weight on the feet, which you are reluctant to do.

Our deadlift socks not only work for deadlift but can also be used in other exercises for extra good grip at e.g. bench press when you want to lock your feet firmly in the ground or if you want to squat in only the stockings.

Can you wash deadlift socks?

We are often asked if you can wash our socks, and our answer is that you can of course do this. We recommend that your socks are washed in and out, at a maximum of 40 degrees and that they are air-dried and not tumble-dried to keep them as long as possible.

The story behind our deadlift socks

Since we ourselves for a long time before we started Nordic Training Gear used deadlift socks from many different brands, we thought that most were very similar in design and function. There were only a few deadlift socks that protruded and which also had an ok anti-slip protection underneath. We simply started by contacting many different factories that made socks, asked if they wanted to be involved in developing a pair of really good socks, specially developed for deadlift, with very good anti-slip protection. There were a couple of factories that were interested, so we first asked to get home a number of samples from them. After some testing, there was a factory that stood out with its fantastic anti-slip protection and very high quality of remaining material, so that the deadlift socks could be washed again and again in a washing machine without negative impact. We developed a nice design and started mass production. At the end of 2021, we developed the design a bit more and also developed the size XL, when we noticed that there was a demand for slightly larger socks.