Nordic Grips

Welcome to our category for Nordic Grips - your best choice for maximizing your grip, protecting your hands, and relieving your forearms during training. Our Nordic Grips are made of durable material, offer high comfort, and provide a secure grip for both pressing and pulling exercises.

What sets Nordic Grips apart from traditional lifting straps is that they are fastened with a Velcro strap around the wrists and are simpler and quicker to attach to the fitness equipment you are going to use.

We have designed these grips with great care and expertise to ensure optimal training results.

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What are nordic grips?

Our nordic grips are made of rubber and durable cotton with neoprene padding. Nordic grips have a variety of uses. The most common uses are for pressing and pulling exercises. They are designed to give you better grip control, protect your hands and relieve your forearms.

What is the difference between nordic grips and lifting straps?

You fasten our nordic grips with a Velcro strap around your wrists, the inside is padded with neoprene and the grip surface is made of rubber that is about the same size as your hands. Nordic grip is used for both press and pull exercises. Lifting straps are instead made of nylon or cotton and have a longer strap that you wrap around the bar and are usually only used for pulling exercises. Which is best is a personal preference and taste. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

On the other hand, are you looking for good grip only when doing deadlifts? Then we recommend our figure 8 lifting straps.

How to use nordic grips?

Nordic grips are very easy to use. Start by identifying which is for the right and left hand, it says on a note by the metal where you tighten around the Velcro strap. Then fasten them to your wrist so that you have the rubber against your palm. If you are going to do a press exercise, you simply lay the rubber against the palm and then the bar against the rubber and hold as you normally would otherwise have. If you are going to do a pulling exercise instead, wrap the rubber around the bar and then down towards the palm. See images below for clarification.

Nordic Grip - Pull Nordic Grip - Push