Chalk as block & powder

We offer both chalk in block and powder form, so you can choose the type that best meets your specific requirements. Whether you're training for powerlifting, Strongman, climbing, gymnastics, or any other sport that requires a secure grip, we have what you need to improve your performance.

Why should you buy chalk from us at NTGear? Firstly, we prioritize quality. Our blocks and powder chalk are made from high-quality magnesium carbonate to give you the grip you need. Secondly, we offer competitive prices and efficient delivery, so you can get your products quickly and at an affordable price. Finally, we value customer service. Our team is ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have, both before and after purchase.

More information

Optimal Grip with Block Chalk

Block chalk is an effective tool for improving your grip during training. By drying out the skin, block chalk reduces the risk of your hands slipping. This can be particularly valuable during heavy lifts or complex gymnastic movements. Moreover, using block chalk can reduce the risk of injuries by preventing your hands from slipping off equipment.

Powder Chalk for all Powerlifts

Powder chalk can be a valuable addition to your strength training. By absorbing sweat on the palm, it can improve grip and help you hold weights securely. Additionally, powder chalk can be used to improve your grip during exercises that require a lot of hand strength, such as pull-ups or deadlifts. Having a stable grip can also improve technique during these exercises.

What is Powder/Block Chalk?

Powder and block chalk are different forms of magnesium carbonate, a substance that helps to absorb sweat and dry out the skin. This means they can improve grip during training. The difference between the two forms lies in how they are applied. Block chalk is applied by rubbing the block against the skin, while powder chalk is spread over the skin. The choice between the two forms often depends on personal preferences and the type of training you do.

Why Should I Choose Block Chalk?

There are several advantages to choosing block chalk. Firstly, block chalk can be less messy than powder chalk, as it doesn't spread as much. Secondly, block chalk generally lasts longer, as it is more compact. Finally, block chalk can be easier to transport, as it is less likely to spill out in your gym bag.

Why Should I Choose Powder Chalk?

Powder chalk can be a good choice if you prefer a smoother coating of chalk on your hands. Because it's easy to spread, powder chalk can provide a more even coating. In addition, powder chalk can be a good choice if you're doing exercises that require a lot of hand strength, as it can provide a stronger grip than block chalk. Finally, powder chalk can be easier to apply quickly, which can be beneficial if you need to immediately improve your grip during training.