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Introducing the ultimate starter kit for beginners in training and training accessories ‚Äď specially designed to give you a flying start on your fitness journey. Our kit includes three indispensable products that every fitness enthusiast should have: Nordic Grips, Knee Sleeves, 7 mm, and a premium Shaker. Each product is carefully selected to maximize your performance and comfort during workouts.

Nordic Grips
Forget chafing and lost grip with our Nordic Grips. Perfect for both beginners and experienced individuals looking to improve their pressing and pulling exercises like barbell rows, lat pull-downs, and bench presses. Made of durable rubber with neoprene padding at the wrist, these grips protect your hands while ensuring a firm grip without having to wrap a strap several times around the bar. Easy to use and essential for effective and safe lifting.

Size Guide (Nordic Grips):
Measure around the wrist.
S: 15 - 20 cm
M: 18 - 23 cm
L: 21 - 26 cm

Knee Sleeves, 7 mm - Size Guide
Protect your knees and enhance your lifting performance with our premium Knee Sleeves. Made from 7 mm thick, high-quality neoprene, these sleeves offer superior support, compression, and stability. Designed to be longer than standard and with built-in anti-slip rubber, they stay in place even during the most intense sessions. Optimal for use in crossfit, powerlifting, and bodybuilding.

Complete your training gear with our sleek and practical Shaker. This shaker is designed to be leak-proof, spacious (700 ml), and easy to use with its removable grid that effectively prevents lump formation. Free from BPA and DEHP, it ensures safe and healthy hydration before, during, and after your workouts.

Kit Benefits:
  • A complete solution for beginners wanting reliable and high-performing training accessories.
  • Selected products that protect against injuries and improve performance.
  • Especially cost-effective when purchased together as a starter kit.
Whether you are new to the gym or just looking to upgrade your training equipment, our starter kit is an excellent investment to ensure you have everything you need to reach your fitness goals. Take your first step towards a stronger and more effective training routine today!

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