Mixed grip during deadlift

by Nordic Training Gear 3 min read

When the weights get heavy in deadlift, the grip can start to fail. The solution? Mixed grip during deadlift. Let's dive into this specialized grip and discover its advantages, disadvantages, and our best tips.

What is a mixed grip during deadlift?

Imagine gripping a bar. In a regular grip, both palms face either towards or away from you. But in a mixed grip, you have one palm facing you and the other facing away. This is also referred to as an alternate grip and could be your ticket to lifting heavier weights.

Why deadlift socks are indispensable

Before we proceed, let's talk about another essential tool for everyone serious about their deadlift - deadlift socks. These socks:
  • Protect your shins: Deadlift is performed correctly when the bar is close to the body, which can scrape your shins.
  • Provide better grip: With a non-slip bottom, the chances of slipping during a heavy lift are reduced.
  • Enhance comfort: Designed to breathe and provide comfort during intense workouts.
Interested in enhancing your deadlift with these socks? Check out our range of deadlift socks here.

Mixed grip during deadlift

Why choose a mixed grip during deadlift?

  1. Better grip strength: Mixed grip reduces the likelihood of the bar rolling out of the hands. When the fingers of one hand start to slip, the other hand compensates by rolling the bar back into the palm.
  2. Allows for heavier lifts: Since grip strength is often the limiting factor for many, a mixed grip might enable one to lift more weight than with a standard overhand grip.
  3. Less stress on the forearms: Since only one hand is turned away from you, it reduces the total amount of torque affecting the forearms compared to a full underhand grip.

Potential downsides of the mixed grip

While a mixed grip often offers significant advantages, like many things, it comes with its own challenges:
  1. Load imbalance: A mixed grip can result in a slight imbalance in how the load is distributed across the back, especially in the upper part.
  2. Risk of injury: There's an increased risk of bicep rupture in the arm where you've gripped the bar with the palm facing away from you. Remember: It's not a bicep curl!
  3. Developmental imbalance: Constantly using the same hand with the palm facing away can lead to an imbalance in the muscle development of the upper and lower arms.

Tips for using a mixed grip during deadlift

  1. Alternate hands: To reduce the risk of imbalances, it might be a good idea to switch which hand is facing away from you and which is facing towards you between sets or workouts.
  2. Use mixed grip when needed: Stick with the overhand grip as long as possible and switch to a mixed grip only when necessary, often with heavier weights.
  3. Focus on technique: Regardless of which grip you use, it's essential to focus on proper deadlift technique to minimize injury risk.

Conclusion: Mixed grip during deadlift

Mixed grip during deadlift is an effective way to increase grip strength and allow for heavier lifts. However, it comes with potential downsides and risks, so it's crucial to use it judiciously and be aware of its benefits and limitations. With the right technique and by paying attention to the body's signals, a mixed grip can be a valuable tool. And don't forget to gear up with the right accessories, like our top-class deadlift socks, for optimal deadlift.
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Max Andrén
Writer & Co-Owner

Max Andrén is a writer and co-owner of Nordic Training Gear
He has a great passion for gym training and training accessories

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