Correct technique for sumo deadlift

by Nordic Training Gear 3 min read

Sumo deadlift, a cornerstone in the powerlifting world, are more than just an exercise. It's a technique-driven art that, when performed correctly, can transform your physique and elevate your training to a new level. However, the right technique and understanding of the involved muscles are critical factors for success and safety. In this post, we will delve into sumo deadlift technique, identify the muscles engaged, and how we at NTGear, with our reliable lifting straps, can enhance your performance.

Dive into sumo deadlift technique:

The technique for sumo deadlift is a perfect balance of power, control, and precision. Here's a detailed breakdown:
  1. Starting position:
    • Wide foot placement: It's essential to find a foot position that feels comfortable and allows you to maintain a neutral spine throughout the movement. Foot width can vary among individuals, but a wider stance is typical for sumo deadlift.
    • Correct grip: The grip can vary, but a mixed grip (one hand supinated and one hand pronated) or a hook grip can help secure the bar effectively during the lift.
    • Building tension: It's crucial to create proper tension in the body before starting the lift. Engage the back muscles, pull the shoulder blades back and down, and tighten the abdominal muscles.
    Correct technique for sumo deadlift - Starting position
    Image caption: In front of an eager crowd, Emil Johansson prepares to lift 322.5 kg in a sumo deadlift at the Nordic Champion 2022.
  2. The descent:
    • Hip and knee flexion: It's essential to initiate the movement with both hip and knee flexion to maintain a neutral spine. Focus on sending the hips backward while lowering the body.
  3. The lift:
    • Explosive lift: Explode upward by pressing the entire foot through the floor, thinking of "pressing the knees towards the weights" to open up the hips and achieve a solid starting position. It's vital to maintain patience at the bottom and press the knees against the weights before the bar leaves the floor.
    • Full hip extension: At the top position, aim for full hip extension with a neutral spine. Avoid excessive arching in the lower back.
    • Lockout: Ensure a proper lockout of the hips and knees in the top position and keep the bar close to the body throughout the movement.
    Correct technique for sumo deadlift - The Lift
    Image caption: During the Nordic Champion 2022, Emil Johansson impresses with a staggering sumo deadlift of 322.5 kg.

Sumo deadlift muscles: A total body synergy

Sumo deadlift train a variety of muscles, including the glutes, thighs, back, and core, creating a total body synergy. Understanding these sumo deadlift muscles and how they work together is crucial for mastering the technique.

Individual adjustment and expert guidance

Every body is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. Seeking expert guidance can provide personalized direction and ensure that your sumo deadlift technique is accurate and safe.

Lifting straps from NTGear

Our lifting straps are specially designed to offer a secure and stable grip, reducing the strain on the hands and forearms and allowing you to focus on the correct sumo deadlift technique.

Conclusion on correct sumo deadlift technique

The correct technique in sumo deadlift is not only a safety guarantee but also a ticket to superior muscle development and strength. With quality lifting straps from us, you can take your sumo deadlift to an entirely new level. Explore, evolve, and achieve your powerlifting goals with confidence and expertise.
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