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Welcome to our ultimate guide to buying smelling salts!
Are you ready to experience the immediate energy and focus that smelling salts can provide? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, we have the perfect guide to help you find the product that fits your needs.

From beginners to those seeking the most powerful experience, our guide will provide you with the information you need to make the best choice. Let us help you discover a new world of energy and alertness with our ultimate purchase guide for smelling salts!

What are smelling salts?

Smelling salts are a potent product traditionally used to wake people who have fainted. But modern uses go far beyond ‚Äď from athletes to students, and anyone in need of an immediate energy boost!

When inhaled, the gas from the smelling salts irritates the mucous membranes in the nose and lungs, resulting in a reflex that makes the breathing muscles work faster. This leads to an increased oxygen supply to the brain which can result in a temporary increase in alertness and energy.

Buy smelling salts

Buying smelling salts is easy. You can choose between different brands, strengths and other properties, such as different scents, depending on your experience and needs. But what should you look for when buying smelling salts? We will help you figure it out.

Which smelling salts should I buy?

For first-time users
Getting started with smelling salts can be a challenge, but we have some recommendations to make your journey easier:

Obsidian Ammonia - Standard‚ĄĘ
Standard‚ĄĘ from Obsidian Ammonia: This is a great base product for anyone new to smelling salts. It provides a mild yet powerful effect, perfect for learning how smelling salts work.

Nordic Training Gear - Smelling Salt V.1
Smelling Salt V.1 from Nordic Training Gear: This is another fantastic starter product, with a slightly stronger effect than Standard‚ĄĘ.

Smells Like PR - Chemical X
Chemical X from Smells Like PR: For those looking for a stronger start, Chemical X is a good option. It is strong, but not overwhelming.

For those who already have experience with smelling salts
If you are already familiar with smelling salts and are looking for something more powerful, we have some recommendations for you:

Obsidian Ammonia - HypeDust‚ĄĘ
HypeDust‚ĄĘ from Obsidian Ammonia: This is a more powerful alternative for those already familiar with smelling salts. It offers a strong effect and extremely long durability.

Nordic Training Gear - Smelling Salt X-Strong
Smelling Salt X-Strong from Nordic Training Gear: For those looking for a really powerful experience, Smelling Salt X-Strong is a good choice. It provides an extremely strong effect, perfect for those who need that extra kick.

Smells Like PR - Rise & Shine
Rise & Shine from Smells Like PR: This smelling salt provides a strong and refreshing experience, with a scent of coffee.

There are also similar smelling salts in similar strength to these above, but with exciting scents
For those looking for a unique experience, we also have a range of smelling salts with exciting scents:

Obsidian Ammonia - HypeDust‚ĄĘ Menthol
HypeDust‚ĄĘ Menthol from Obsidian Ammonia: Same properties as HypeDust‚ĄĘ but with a scent of menthol.

Smells Like PR - Bubble Gum Madness
Bubble Gum Madness from Smells Like PR: This unique smelling salt provides a strong effect, but with a fun and nostalgic bubble gum scent.

For the most experienced users, those seeking the strongest possible experience.
For those desiring the most powerful experience, we recommend these:

Obsidian Ammonia - Nose Bleach‚ĄĘObsidian Ammonia - Headshot‚ĄĘ
Nose Bleach‚ĄĘ and Headshot‚ĄĘ from Obsidian Ammonia: These are some of the strongest smelling salts on the market. They provide an extremely strong effect and are only recommended for very experienced users.

Smells Like PR - Raise the DeadSmells Like PR - All Hail the King
Raise the Dead and All Hail the King from Smells Like PR: These are also some of the strongest options, providing a unique experience unlike anything else.

Tips for use of smelling salts

Smelling salts can be overwhelming for the inexperienced user, and a strong dose can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as sneezing or tear flow. Therefore, it is best to start with a smelling salt that is recommended for first-time users and then gradually increase the strength as you become accustomed to its effect.

To minimize the initial shock, take a deep breath before you inhale the smelling salt and do not hold it too close to the nose.

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging. Each brand and type of smelling salt may have different ways to activate the can, as well as different strengths, and it is therefore important that you follow the instructions for the specific product you have.


We hope you found our guide useful and informative. With so many smelling salts on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, our goal is to help you make the best choice for your needs. You can find our entire range of smelling salts here. Good luck on your journey with smelling salts!
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